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wrestling: w-r-e-s-t-e-l-i-n-g. my sister says she didn't want to win the spelling bee anyway, but not to tell justin, because even though he's seriously debating throwing his league match today so he can finally eat again he still gets a little defensive about his sport of choice. her archenemy spelled crochet wrong. i wish i was in elementary school and had archenemies.

even though there's only two days left i don't like the middle of the week as a general rule, because it always feels like i'm stuck, like i live from weekend to weekend and the rest is a technicality. i've got tests coming up and not enough time to study for them, and los relatives are arriving on friday anyway, so it's not even as if i can finally relax on this last three-day weekend in, like, forever. i turn nineteen in march and that's not even a comfort because march is the wednesday of the year, and nobody sends anything out until the 31st anyway and i'd rather know now, even if i get rejected, than wait over a month for it. today at nhs we were making placards with pithy sayings about patience and other assorted virtues for character counts week and i guess mine doesn't, because i'm. not. also, some of those placards are really kind of ugly.

my guitar teacher told me that i needed to relax after i snapped a string during my lesson today. he's been reading a book about practicing techniques, with sage advice such as thinking of someone you know dying to in order to play with emotion and practicing on the toilet and whatnot. but there was this thing about breathing, and we were going to try meditating but we ran out of time, and i think instead of starting homework now i'm going to go play piano and breathe. i don't remember if cm is this month or next month and either way i haven't memorized the sonata allegro or the danse, but it's worth a try. i mean, it's not like it can get worse.

i was almost, almost excited about my report card and national merit thing combined until my mom pointed out that i would have actually been doing worse had i gotten any other grade and also that being a finalist still meant i had a 47% chance of not getting any money anyway.

there were blueberry muffins waiting when i got home today, though. yum.

on 2004-02-11 09:35 pm (UTC)
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here we thought life'd be a little easier after finals. no. ap tests, new gov, and impending lit overload sucks. plus other classes, likely layout facism, and other stuff. those damn teachers are trying to impurify my precious bodily fluids.


on 2004-02-11 09:36 pm (UTC)
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ps, is your emoticon guy vomiting?


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